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Venue: The Intellect School

Baitussalam Olympiad 23

The Baitussalam Olympiad is the largest annual national interschool sporting and academic event in Pakistan. The Baitussalam Olympiad provides the perfect platform for the youth to unleash their true potential, instil in them life long skills and to unite the nation under the umbrella of healthy academic and sporting events. In doing so we have hosted 200+ schools and 2500+ participants in season 6 of Baitussalam Olympiad (2022). And after its massive success, we proudly announce the inception of season 7. We invite the youth to join hands for promoting this cause further.




Sir Raja Raes (Sports Teacher Whales College)

I have been a sports teacher for 20 years attending many competitions and I have found Baitussalam Olympiad to be one of the best events I have ever attended

Shahid Afridi – Former Cricket

Baitussalam is doing great work in the field of education, Our generation needs guidance in this particular field.It will be pleasure for me to serve Baitussalam Olympiad,The message of this event is Unity, that is extremely needed in our Youth

Sanaullah Siddiqui – Eden College

The Baitussalam Olympiad is an incredible platform as it offers exposure to all sorts of students from different institutes and educational settings throughout Karachi. It helped me rise above my fear of public speaking and shaped my presentation skills, it was certainly a valuable experience.

Salman Asif – Karachi Grammar School

In this time when our society is faced with polarisation of all sorts, the baitusslam olympiad is a ray of hope. In the time i have spent in this event, i have experienced influential moments of empathy, compassion, humility, and brotherhood. All in all its an awe-inspiring experience

Muhammad Mustafa – Lyceum

My experience in BS Olympiad was nothing short of phenomenal. From participating in both academic and sports events, to managing and organising the grand award ceremony, the memories and friends I made, and the experiences I attained are unparalleled!

Muhaddis Qazi – Nixor (Football VC)

As a participant and volunteer in the olympiad, i would love to point out the fact that it actually is one of the biggest and greatest events in karachi. Like the slogan says , ” Go hard or Go home” , you need to go hard and play with your full potential to win it all.

Hassan Tariq – Alpha college

The event brings out your competitive side like no other, while giving a sense of love for our brothers no matter what the background is. Memories I made with other school’s students still live on with me !

Aqeel Karim Dedhi. Businessman

The Baitussalam Olympiad was well organised event.Schools from all over the City participated in Academic and Sporting events.The judges were unbiased and the spirit of competition is being revived between School and Madaris Students…

(Sir Humayun DA Public school)

The Baitussalam Olympiad is an amazing well-organized event.